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                The Annual petroleum and Petrochemical Safety Production Event

                China International Petroleum & Petrochemical Technology and Equipment Exhibition



                March 25-27,2024

                LOCATION:HOME> Visit > Group Registration
                Group Registration
                Group Registration
                1. Receive visitor badges before exhibition to avoid queue up on-site;
                2. Each member can receive a gift package (exquisite gifts, visitor guides, catalogue, etc.);
                3. Group organizer will receive an additional upgrade gift;
                4. Enjoy coffee, tea at VIP Rest Room;
                5. Attend business matchmaking meeting by submitting the visit intention/purchase plan.
                Group Registration
                1. Visitors must be from management, technical, R&D or procurement departments from industries such as petroleum and petrochemical, marine, pipelines, natural gas, or related areas. (Note: The equipment supply company does not enjoy 2, 3, 4 services);
                2. 5 people and above arrive the exhibition on-site.
                Group Registration
                Click to download cippe2024 Group Visitor Registration Form, fill in and email to: yolanda@zhenweiexpo.com Contact: Yolanda Zhao
                Tel: 86-10- 56176962
                Email: yolanda@zhenweiexpo.com
                After receiving your Group Registration Form, we will review and reply in 5 work days!
                Deadline: March 10, 2024