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                The Annual petroleum and Petrochemical Safety Production Event

                China International Petroleum & Petrochemical Technology and Equipment Exhibition



                March 25-27,2024

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                Industry News
                The following is the news list page
                12 2023-10

                Tullow to sustain African oil production through asset rejuvenation, CEO says

                (Bloomberg) – Tullow Oil Plc can sustain oil production at its West African hub through the next decade by focusing on asset rejuvenation, according to Chief Executive Officer Rahul Dh.........

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                09 2023-10

                Saudi economy to contract on lower oil production, World Bank reports

                (Bloomberg) – Saudi Arabia’s economic output is expected to contract this year as a series of oil-production cuts pose a risk to the kingdom which is heavily reliant on energy pr.........

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                30 2023-08

                bp, Add Energy partner on 10-year well control contract

                (WO) – Add Energy has been appointed to a long-term Master Services Agreement for provision of well services and emergency well control services for bp. The agreement is valid for a period o.........

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                18 2023-08

                Participants in CNPC’s "Planting Trees for Carbon Neutrality" campaign exceeded

                On April 20, participants in the campaign of "Planting Trees for Carbon Neutrality" launched by CNPC reached over one million person/times, and the amount of funds raised for the c.........

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                24 2023-04

                Halliburton Nigeria oil production facility reaches 10 MMbbl milestone

                Halliburton Testing and Subsea (TSS) Nigeria is celebrating two significant milestones: an early production facility (EPF) recently processed its 10 millionth boe . Equally impressive, the t.........

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                24 2023-04

                ABS CEO awarded prestigious leadership award for energy transition contribution

                ABS Chairman, President and CEO Christopher J. Wiernicki has been awarded the GREEN4SEA Leadership Award recognizing his industry leadership and contribution to a more sustainable industry.W.........

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                04 2023-04

                OPEC shows no sign of adjusting oil production at upcoming meeting

                The OPEC+ coalition is showing no signs of adjusting oil production next week, staying the course amid turbulence in financial markets.blue oil barrel with OPEC logoGroup leader Saudi Arabia.........

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                04 2023-04

                QatarEnergy, ExxonMobil partner for two exploration licenses offshore Canada

                QatarEnergy entered into a farm-in agreement with ExxonMobil Canada for two exploration licenses offshore the province of Newfoundland and Labrador in Canada.exploration platform offshore Ca.........

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                04 2023-04

                API: “Well past time” for Department of Interior to finalize five-year federal offshore oi

                The American Petroleum Institute (API) issued the following statement on today’s offshore lease sale mandated by the Inflation Reduction Act from API Vice President of Upstream Policy .........

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                03 2023-04

                World's largest DP shuttle tanker built by China delivered

                China National Offshore Oil Corporation announced on Friday that the world's largest DP shuttle tanker, NS Pioneer, independently designed and built in China, was officially delivered in.........

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                08 2023-02

                OPEC “cautiously optimistic” about oil demand amidst reopening of China

                (Bloomberg) — OPEC’s top official said he sees a “more upbeat” economic outlook as China reopens after several years of virus restrictions.OPEC headquarters“The.........

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                04 2023-01

                U.S. Department of Energy advances MMEX Resources to final application stage for Trans Per

                (WO) — MMEX Resources Corp., sponsor of the Trans Permian H2Hub announced that The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) approved its concept paper to advance to the final application stage .........

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                03 2023-01

                New CEO of Petrobras to focus on energy transition

                (Bloomberg) — President-elect Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva has selected a senator and former Petrobras official to lead Brazil’s state-controlled oil giant with the aim of turning i.........

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                29 2022-12

                World Oil’s Top Stories of 2022: 1-5

                (WO) — 2022 was an enormous year for the oil and gas industry. From oil discoveries in Wyoming to Russia working around Western sanctions, there was no shortage of ground-breaking news.........

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                28 2022-12

                CNOOC Limited begins production on block development project offshore China

                (WO) — CNOOC Limited announced on Dec. 25 that Kenli 6-1 oilfield 5-1, 5-2, 6-1 block development project commenced production.The project is in the south Bohai Sea, with an average wa.........

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