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                The Annual petroleum and Petrochemical Safety Production Event

                China International Petroleum & Petrochemical Technology and Equipment Exhibition



                March 25-27,2024


                EXHIBIT PPROFILE

                ◆ Fire-fighting equipment: fire truck, fire fighting robot, aircraft, motorcycle
                ◆ Petrochemical fire equipment: flame arrester, hydrant, foam/gas/steam extinguisher
                ◆ Petrochemical fire engineering: fire protection facilities engineering, anti-corrosion insulation engineering, mechanical and electrical equipment installation engineering
                ◆ Warning equipment: petrochemical fire detection, alarm, linkage equipment and fire power supply
                ◆ Petrochemical fireproof supplies: fire retardant coating, sealing materials, separation materials, anti-smoke equipment
                ◆ Fire extinguishing system: water supply, automatic water spray, water spray, water mist, aerosol and stationary cannon
                ◆ Explosion-proof system: explosion-proof electromagnetic starter, electric heater, gas purification system, wireless network data controller
                ◆ Explosion-proof device: explosion-proof acoustic light alarm device, solenoid valve, junction box (box), explosion-proof button, switch
                ◆ Chemical safety protection: protective cover, protective screen, guardrail, antistatic, noise and other products equipment
                ◆ Chemical protection: protective clothing, protective clothing fabrics, protective shoes, respirators, eye-washers and other protective equipment
                ◆ Chemical safety testing, monitoring technology and equipment: detection alarm equipment, anti-corrosion coating detector, nondestructive detection equipment, leakage detection technology and equipment
                ◆ Chemical storage and transportation safety technology and equipment: chemical cans, safe storage and transportation devices, meter instruments
                ◆ Safety testing, monitoring instruments and equipment: pressure gauge, vacuum gauge, thermometer, liquid level meter, flowmeter, analytical instrument
                ◆ Fire testing: fire certification, elimination and electrical inspection, design and construction of fire protection engineering
                exhibit profile exhibit profile exhibit profile exhibit profile